Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New round in the battle for supremacy in the German furniture trade

New round in the battle for supremacy in the German furniture trade. With a multi-million dollar expansion campaign, the Swedish furniture giant Ikea plans to significantly expand its dominance in its most important export market. On Tuesday, the company announced the opening of six new furniture stores in North Rhine-Westphalia. Main focus is to be the Ruhr area. In addition to new locations in Wuppertal, Bottrop and the regions of Bochum / Herne and Castrop-Rauxel replacement buildings for existing homes at the sites and food Kaarst are planned, it said. The company estimated the investment at around 400 million euros in NRW, of which about 250 million euros in the Ruhr. Overall, 750 new jobs will be created. In the medium term, the Swedish furniture giant plans to up to 70 increase the number of German furniture stores from the current 48 significantly. Sales in Germany is expected to double in the next ten years from the current 4.12 billion euros in the fiscal year 2013/2014 to around eight billion euros almost.

Creative ideas in architecture

Creative ideas in architecture Kreative Ideen in Architektur

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The cellar stands

This week was set up the cellar. Punctually at the Mo. 8:00 moved forward 3 men of the company Romberger and it the mat foundation were concreted.

Di. we let the road close one day long for the crane (times to see whether me my neighbours still so friendly to greet; -) and in the evening all walls and the cover were transferred! Mi. was outside isolated (8cm Perimeterdämmung) and today (DO.) the cellar is sealed and the light pits is installed - finished! So far I to judge know mad work was carried out!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A laborious day…

Actually house-builds already is a laborious venture, but there are days, there became dearest one…
There we beside an existing house build and the distance for a division of property are too small establish we the house in the “residential property” (as normally also with double or terraced houses one makes) for it need one a “utilizable value appraisal” from an expert. That calls me today and states I must a layout plan with the drawn in garden portions of the municipality approve let!?!
I telephoned then all day long and my notary as well as a civil geo meter and several people, who have even a house in the property say that that are not correct! Also my municipal office says that they cannot approve anything, because there is to approve it to there nothing! Now I must convince either my expert or look for a new… aaaarrrg!
Around today also still which constructional to posts I hang the sketches of Ergdgeschoss and upper floor on, those wanted I for a long time posts: -)
Supplement: The ground floor I updated, in the upper floor tunes the furnishing not yet completely and the small 14m ² - room becomes the parents bedroom.